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I, Sam Walters, joined the Baltimore Police Department in 1969.  I started out as a Police Cadet.  I was assigned to the Baltimore Police Department - Intelligence Unit.  While there I worked undercover for 4 1/2 years.  Most of my undercover work was with the left wing groups who were protesting the Viet Nam war.  My assignments included legitimate peace groups thru the left wing groups, including the Old Black Panther Party and included time with the National States Rights Organization (cover name for the KKK) and the American Nazi party.

I left undercover work to go to the police academy and then back to the Intelligence Unit with a tour in the C.I.D. Vice Squad to working patrol in the Northwest Section of Baltimore City.  From there I went to the QRT (Quick Response Team - which later was changed to the SWAT unit.  My next assignment was patrol in the Eastern District.   It was there I retired from the police Department in 1990, a total time of 21 years of service.

By March,1984, I was able to borrow $15,000 from my sister to start “The Cop Shop, Inc.,” in Baltimore City, from scratch.

I started out in the basement of a Pawn Shop in the center of the Baltimore City, next to the world famous “THE BLOCK.” An area know for its strip clubs, which is located next to the Baltimore Police Headquarters.  My basement store was less than 400 square feet.

In 1986 I moved The Cop Shop to its current location, 803 E. Baltimore Street, where it has remained for over 30 years.  This location is directly across the street from the Baltimore Police Police Headquarters and Central District station.  (The Baltimore City Police, which has a force of 3,100 sworn personnel, is my primary customer based.)

The Cop Shop is 600 square feet.  At my website (  You will see photographs of The Cop Shop, Inside and out at the end of this letter.

Baltimore City is 96 square miles with almost 900,000 residents.  When I started the Cop Shop there were 15 gun stores in Baltimore City.  Today in 2016, The Cop Shop is the ONLY gun store in Baltimore City that is still in operation.

The Baltimore City government over the years tried to prohibit the sale of handguns and rifles in Baltimore City.  They even tried to ban possession of weapons in a person’s own home.

When I originally opened up The Cop Shop in 1984, I was a single parent raising my son, who at that time was 8 years old.  I was working as a uniform police officer, assigned to uniform patrol, working all three shifts.  My mother who lived in my house, in her own apartment helped me raise my son.

In 1984, I became a Second Chance Body Armor Distributor.  I would grow that part of my business until I was the 5th largest distributor of Second Chance Body Armor in the United States.  My sales were nation wide with yearly sales of body armor at around $500,000.  I quit working for Second Chance once the Second Chance body armor scandal broke out and their integrity was in question.

In 1990, after my mother had passed away, I was left with trying to raise a teen age son, run The Cop Shop, and work for the police department, swing shift with various days off.  I was unable to juggle all three situations, so after 21 years on the Baltimore Police Department, I retired.

On the day that I retired in 1990, I ran into my current wife, Dawn, who was an Executive Secretary for the Baltimore Police Department. We had dated over 20 years previously and after this chance meeting, we began to date again.  We were married in 1992.

Dawn’s position in the police department is an “Executive Secretary” she could ONLY work for the Police Commissioner, or one of several Deputy Commissioners.  (The Baltimore Police had only 3 other secretaries who had the highest secretary rated “Executive Secretary” title, as Dawn did.)

Dawn would often work in The Cop Shop with me after working for the police department (which is directly across the street from the store), and also on weekends.  Together we expanded The Cop Shop to include Police / Fire custom embroidered  clothing.  She retired from the Baltimore Police Department in 1996 after having worked for the Baltimore Police for 26 years.

In 2001 I won a bid for embroidered clothing from the Baltimore Police Department.  The next day I lost the bid to a minority contractor who was not even located in the state of Maryland.  The embroidery that  this company produced was of a poor quality and did not last very long.

The Police Department wanted to deal with me, but since I was not a minority business, there was nothing they could do.

We made a decision to “split” the businesses.  Dawn started “Dawn’s Embroidery,” a 100% woman owned business, which is located inside of The Cop Shop.   I would handle police supplies and weapons.  She would handle customized embroidered clothing.  Her business had grown to the point were she was the exclusive clothing supplier for the trainees in the Baltimore Police Academy.  (The Baltimore Police academy has 4 - 5 academy classes per year with 50 trainees per class.)  She also has embroidery contracts with the Baltimore Police Department and the FBI, and the U.S. Postal Inspectors.

Dawn closed her business last year.  We found that even though she had a good cliental the cost to do business for both operations was too much to handle.  So rather than continue to pay double insurance, double taxes, double state licenses, we closed her business and the operation became part of The Cop Shop, where it had started years ago.

In 2000 I became a Glock Police Distributor.  At the time I joined Glock, there were two other Glock L.E. Distributors in the state of Maryland.  By 2001, I was the only Glock L.E. Distributor left in Maryland.  Years later, Atlantic Tactical came into the state of Maryland.  They too were a Law Enforcement Glock Police Distributor.  After a few years that operation closed and they returned to PA.

A short time later Lawmens of New Jersey opened in the southern part of the state of Maryland.  They too were a Glock L.E. Distributor.  Just recently this operation also left the state of Maryland and went to Delaware. 

As of this date, I am the ONLY Glock Police Distributor in the state of Maryland.  Police officers from the 163 Law Enforcement agencies in the state of Maryland.  The officers and their agencies come to The Cop Shop for “BEST” prices on Glock L.E. prices.

I was able to create several Glock Sub Dealers thru various gun stores.  Although Glock had a contract for these gun distributors, I had them sign an agreement
that they would allow me to inspect their Glock Sub-Dealer Records to see that  they were following Glock instructions.

The base of my weapon sales are Glock L. E. pistols.  I consider myself as an ONLY Glock Police Distributor.  I DO NOT distribute for any other fire arms manufacturer.  I have been approached by several gun manufacturers to distribute their weapons.  Companies such as Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson,
H & K, Ruger, and FN.  They wanted me to be a Law Enforcement Distributor for their product.  ALL of these offers were refused.  I would tell each company that I ONLY distribute for Glock L.E. Pistols.

Currently I am on the Board of Directors for the MARYLAND LICENSED FIREARMS DEALER ASSOCIATION, (aka as “MLFDA.”), as the Recording Secretary.  This is an organization that has as its members the various Maryland Firearms Dealers in Maryland.  Currently we have about 200 dealers as members.

The MLFDA puts out Faxed newsletters with updates on changes in the state law of Maryland regarding the regulated weapons laws, along with ATF updates.  We have retained the services of a Maryland licensed “Lobbyist,” who represents our interests in the Maryland General Assembly.


Many of my customers and police departments seem impressed by my dedication to Glock.  Often that devotion to Glock makes a customer or agency to go with me and Glock.

 I also sell Glock civilian pistols.  I can sell it to them “IF” they join the GSSF program OR I get them a Commerical Glock pistol.  I am also a current certified Glock Armorer.  

If my customer does not want a Glock pistol, I will find and sell a customer any make and model weapon if so requested.  I do not want to do this, but I do not to loose a gun sale.  BUT, I still try and sell the customer the Glock pistol first.  Then if that fails, I will order the weapon they want.


I stress in the store “Excellent Customer Relations.”  When a customer comes in I want to know that their experience in The Cop Shop was worth the trip there.  Many of my customers come into my store.  They were sent there by friends and police officers.  (My customers tell me that other police officers “Trust Me” and their friend will feel comfortable with me.)

I asked the customer what they are looking for.  Most of the time they do not know.  They “think” that they want a Glock.  Even if they are carrying one issued to them, they do not know about the product.  I take the time to work with them.  I show them the various models and the various selections for different weapons, since I have all models on display.

Many of my customers asked if I carry any other weapon other than the Glock. To which I reply, “Are there any other weapon other than the Glock ?”  That breaks the  ice and makes them laugh.  I go onto say that “IF” they want another weapon other than a Glock I would get it for them, “BUT” before we go that route, let me show you ALL there is to know about the Glock pistol.”  Many times that works to convert the customer to Glock.

I tell my customers that I can make more money selling any other weapon other than a Glock L.E. pistol, BUT I will only Distribute for the Glock Law Enforcement pistol. Often that loyally helps me sell the Glock pistol.

NOTE:  Many of my police customers do not know how to handle the Glock pistol they carry.  We work with them and do not belittle them for lack of working knowledge of the Glock pistol.  They  appreciate that jester.

The customer is not only grateful, but believes that the next weapon they purchase will be a Glock pistol.  One that they say they will buy from me.


Many of my customers come in that were referred by other gun stores because of the prices that i sell Glock for.  They know that they can not beat the prices that I sell my Glock pistols for.

Often I get a customer that comes in with his own Glock pistol.  They had gone to another store and the salesman there did not know how to handle the weapon and its safety features.  The customer does not how to take it apart or clean it.  I take the time and show them how to handle the weapon, how to take it apart and how to clean it and how to put it back together.

BUT before that individual leaves the store I tell them that “IF” there is a problem with their Glock pistol bring it back to me and I will fix it.  “IF” the weapon has a problem that I might not be able to fix, I will send it back to Glock for them to repair.

This customer is amazed that I would teach him about the Glock he purchased from another gun store and even offer to fix it for them.  Often when they leave they say the next time they want a Glock pistol they will return to but it from me. 


At The Cop Shop, I hold myself, and my employees to very high standards.  “Restricted Items” such as handcuffs and handcuff keys are only sold to “Certified Security and Police Officers “ONLY” with police and security I.D., if they are in plain clothes.  These items ARE NOT sold to the general public.  The same is true for ANY clothing that has the words, “POLICE” of “SECURITY.”  Security officers CAN NOT buy anything that has the word “POLICE” on it.  Bullet Proof vests are not sold to the general public.  

If you are a civilian and want a bullet proof vest, you must own a business or at least have a Maryland State Police Handgun permit.  That way the Maryland State Police has conducted a back ground investigation and allowed the customer to have a permit to carry a weapon.


I remember in 2000 when Mr. Alan Ramsey called me to inform me of the establish the Glock GSSF Program.  As soon as he explained it to me I agreed to it.  It shocked him to hear me immediately agree.  He had said that all the previous Glock dealers that he had spoken to did not want to join the program.  Back then a Glock dealer had to send an pre-paid order to Glock and then wait 4 to 8 weeks to have a weapon delivered and more the profit was very low.  I told Mr Ramsey that Glock has been very good to me and never asked me for anything.  So, I would be honored to do it. 

In time the GSSF Program has been very successful for me.  Since this program has started in 2000, I have had almost 700 GSSF customers.

When a civilian comes into The Cop Shop, there is a slight apprehension on their part.  The customer knows he/she is in a Police Supply Store, operated by a retired police officer.  After a few minutes, the customer relaxes and joins in the conversation as a “relaxed customer.”  As time goes on they see that at my store they are not looked down on since they are not police officers.  Often when they leave they thank us and tell us that they are going to recommend us to their friends.  Many of my GSSF customer have been with me for years.


Over the years, The Cop Shop has had an great working relationship with both the Maryland State Police (MSP) and the ATF.  Under the rules of each organization the MSP can look at their records, but not the ATF.  The ATF can look at their records, but not the MSP.  I allow members of each organization to look at the other organization’s records, as part of their investigations.  When the investigation is “sensitive” I give them access to my store records.  

My computer system allows me to keep records on customers for 7 years.  So when the ATF or MSP, or a local police agency and tells me that they are conducting a “sensitive” investigation” and  want to review the sales records of a current or former police officer, I show them how my computer system works  and then walk away, allowing them access as they need it.  Since I do not need to know what they are doing.

I do not “Demand” a court order, which they could obtain.  They know they can come to me to cooperate in their investigations.


Having been in business for almost 32 years.  During that time I would go to several different gun stores. I watched how store employees treated their customers.   It seemed that the employees had an “elitest” attitude.   Customers did not like that.  I was NOT going to operate The Cop Shop as they did in their store.

I am very conscience of how my customers are treated while in my store.  I closely watch them.  I watch their reactions.  I see what they like and what they do not like.  I do everything that I can do to make their visit a pleasant one.  I want them to want to return and bring their family and friends.

We bring our dogs (Lab & Golden Retriever) to the store.  They are very friendly and the customers and their children like to play with them.

We also keep small toys that we give to the children of our customers.  That way the customer can concentrate on our service and not distracted by the children interrupting them.

I have watched other gun stores deliver weapons.  Usually the gun store employees give the customer his weapon and a sales sheet and send them on they way.  .  I felt that made the customers feel like they were not really wanted in the store.

So I came up with a plan to make my Glock deliveries a thing to remember.

The Maryland State Police paperwork forms have 3 or 4 sections.  Each section has carbon paper before the next layer.  Each form has a back section for the gun store to give to the customer after the sale is complete.  The problem is that these forms have carbon paper impression on it and the quality is often very poor.  This carbon impression fades out after a week.

So I take the original Maryland State Police Handgun Application and make THREE copies of it.  (One to the store folder for the customer.  One to the Maryland State Police Folder for future inspection by he MSP, and the last one for the customer.

With the newly copied Maryland State Forms, I put them on top of the original copies that have are carbonized, telling the customer how the carbon copies will fade in a week.  Customers know this and have come to accept it.  Then I show them the copy I made from the original.  These forms are stabled on one side of the folder.  On the other side is their printed out sales ticket.

Next I tell the customer that I am going to provide them with Three (3) Gift Certificates from The Cop Shop.  Each gift certificate is to a local gun range.  I inform the customer to take the gift certificate within 30 days.  Present it to a clerk at the gun range.  I tell them to purchase one box of practice ammunition and in return the gun range will give the customer 1/2 hour on the range “FREE.”

The customers love this.  They are excited that they not only got a great deal on a Glock pistol, but they get a professional folder and gift Certificates.  It makes them feel they are important to us; which they are.                                  


Maryland has a law that was enacted called the “HQL law”.  That stands for  HANDGUN QUALIFICATION LICENSE.  Under this law everyone who is not a police officer - active or retired and not in the military, MUST get an HQL in order to purchase a weapon.  A customer has to have taken a Maryland State Police Handgun Qualification License course in order to get the HQL.

As a result  of the HQL law a “Cottage Industry” has developed.  Currently there are over 300 individuals who are certified by the Maryland state Police to train this course.  Most are police officers or private security owners who teach this course.  Many of the police are friends of mine.  BUT, I will not use them.  The ONLY instructor that I use is an individual  by the name of John Finnessy.  He owns an operation called the “FORTRESS TRAINING.

NOTE:  Copy of the referral from FORTRESS TRAINING that John Finnessy
gives to his customers to go to The Cop Shop and the Glock GSSF

The reason I use him is that he is an excellent instructor.  John is a GSSF member and is also a Glock Armorer, and also has taken the Advanced Glock Armorer course.

John ONLY uses Glock pistols to train his students.  We work together.  I refer new customers while he introduces his students on The Cop Shop and the GSSF. John has numerous Glocks in several different sizes and calibers.  John’s courses are constantly FULL (20-25 individuals per class.)

John is a good and honest man.  Like me, he strives to show his customers that he cares for them.  People believe his word.  He stresses to them to go ONLY to
The Cop Shop for their Glock pistols.

As part of his  course he introduces his customers to The Cop Shop, and the GSSF program at The Cop Shop, Inc.  When his customers come in and purchase
a Glock GSSF pistol from me I give them a “FREE” cleaning kit.

John travels all over the state of Maryland to give his classes.  John said that beginning in 2016, he will go to various police departments and speak to the agency about Glock and The Cop Shop for me.



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