Interested in another weapon at a lower Price?

If you want another weapon or you are not eligible for the Glock Blue Label program.

There is another way you can get a commercial Glock or a differant weapon other than a Glock. 

The Cop Shop has became one of the dealers with Gallery of Guns.   There you can find almost every

weapon made.  There you can see one of the many Maryland Gun dealers and what they charge for these weapons. 

This will save you money and time, a lot of time and effort to find the weapon you want.

 To do this:

1.)   Go to


2.)  On the screen go to the left side of screen and select Gun Genie.


3.)  The Gun Genie screen will open up.  Incert the information of the weapon you are intersted in.

Enter your zip code, select search.


4.)  The Gun Search screen will open up.  One or several weapon will appear on the sheet.  Find the weapon you want and click on it.


5.)  The weapon will show up with the information on it.


6.)  Select instant quote.  A list of local dealers will appear.  Each may have a differant price.  When you find the one you want select Accept offer.

Follow the instructions from there.