Who can purchase a Glock L.E. Pistol?


Eligible to Purchase a Glock L.E. Pistol.

1.  Civilians with Glock GSSF Membership.

2.  Law Enforcement Officers active and retired.

3.  Maryland State Police active and retired.

4.  Federal Agents with arrest powers.

5.  Sheriffs actives and retired

6.  Federal L.E. Agents active and retired.

7.  Assistant States Attorney active.

8.  District Court Judge active and retired.

9.  Parole and Probation agents active and retired.

10.  Correctional Officers with letter.

11.  Correctional Officers Active.

12.  U.S. Military active with L.E.S.

13.  U.S. Military Retired with retired I.D. card.

14.  U.S. National Guard Active with L.E.S.

15.  U.S. Militart Reservist Active with L.E.S.

16.  Fire Fighters Active.

17.  Fire Fighters Volunteer with letter and I.D.

18.  Paramedics and EMTs Active.

19.  Paramedics and EMTs volunteer with letter.

20.  Auxiliary Police Active

21.  Armor car drivers and guards


Not Eligible to purchase a Glock L.E. pistol.


1.  Civilans not members of GSSF.

2.  Private Detective.

3. Private Investigator.

4.  D.O.D. Contract Officer.

5.  Paramedics retired.

6.  Fire Fighters retired.

7.  EMTs retired.

8.  Security Officers retired.

9.  TSA agents.

10.  Flight Officers

11.  Auxiliary Police retired.




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